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International Office

International Office

Considering today’s market demand, Clínica Portoazul opened its International Office with the purpose of attending, managing and promoting the Health Tourism.


Our International Office relies on a very qualified staff who speaks different languages such as: English, French and German. Its main purpose is to establish a fluent communication with our patients to make them feel like home.


The International Office offers:


• Special attention to international patients during their stay at the hospital (bilingual).
• Translation guides that can be found in all the hospital rooms, the E.R independent attention rooms, and the observation rooms in order to ease the communication with our medical staff and international patients who do not speak Spanish.
• The translation guides are available in English, French, German, Italian and Papiamento.
• Assessment of medical procedure requests or medical appointments and possibility to receive the estimated medical expenses by email.
• Badges to identify the International Office’s staff that will assist the international patients.
• A strategic partnership with a logistic operator in order to provide special services such as: Hotel bookings, transportation from the airport, touristic tours packages for patients and their companions.
• A variety of partnerships with international insurances companies and Medical Tourism facilitators.


Other services offered by the International Office to foreign patients:


• Availability of electronic devices
• Internet access (Wi-Fi)
• Direct calls from hospital rooms to the International Office


Strategic allies:



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