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Clínica Portoazul Barranquilla AtlánticoClínica Portoazul is the largest health complex in the Colombian North Region, located in the city of Barranquilla.  It offers comprehensive medical services to local, national and international patients.  It is a medical institution that offers its patients and their families a concept of comprehensive, safe and humane medical care based on teamwork as a fundamental element to provide a great effectiveness and efficiency in all its processes, without forgetting the warmth that patients seek during their medical attention.


Thanks to the fact of being the first Free Trade Zone in the Colombian Coast, we obtain benefits such as the import and the access to state-of-the-art equipment to provide optimal and innovative care.  As a result of this, we provide a safer care that is less and less invasive, allowing us to achieve a fast patients’ recovery.


Interesting facts about Barranquilla:


• Barranquilla is the main capital of the Colombian Caribbean Coast
• Population: 1.228.621 inhabitants
• Language: Spanish
• Barranquilla is considered to have the Second-best Carnival in Latin America.  Furthermore, it was designated as: Intangible Cultural Heritage and Oral and Intangible Treasures of humanity worldwide.
• Average temperature: 28 ° C (80 ° F)
• Main commercial, industrial, cultural and educational center in the Colombian Caribbean region.
• There are 70 international routes from Barranquilla with daily air connections through other cities and the rest of the world.  Two of them have direct flights (Panama City and Miami)
• Airlines operating in  Barranquilla: Avianca, COPA Airlines, LAN, Easyfly, ADA.


What does Barranquilla have to offer?


• A few minutes from Barranquilla we find beaches such as Sabanilla, Caño Dulce, Puerto Velero and Santa Verónica
• Water sports in the bay of Puerto Velero
• Gastronomic Tours
• Shopping Tour
• Night life
• Zoo
• Historical and cultural museums
• Mud volcano
• Easy access to tourist cities: Cartagena and Santa Marta
• Cultural Activities: Carnival, Gastronomic Festival – Sabor Barranquilla-, BarranquiJazz and International Film Festival of Barranquilla – FICBAQ.

Cultural Generalities


Barranquilla: Accomplice City of Gabo.


“Everyone recognizes themselves as belonging to the land where they were seen being borned, but they are really citizens of the territories in which they can love, be loved and be recognized, find their true vocation and succeed.”  It is for this reason that Barranquilla always occupied a very special place in the life of Gabo, and in reciprocity, he will always be recognized as one of his greatest and beloved adopted children”


• City through which the first plane entered Latin America (1911)
• City where the first urbanization of Colombia was created: Urbanización el prado (1920)


This was a recognition of Barranquilla as a center of popular progress, diversity and tolerance in terms of culture; with the African and indigenous influence, and migrations that arrived from different countries such as Italians, Arabs and others, who integrated and magnified the cultural richness of the city.

Cultural and Tourist Places


• Caribbean Museum
• El Prado neighborhood
• Casa del Carnaval de Barranquilla
• La Cueva Bar – Restaurant
• Museo Romántico
• Museo de Arte Moderno de Barranquilla
• Fluvial Intendance


Cultural events

• Carnival of the Arts
• BarranquillArte
• Cumbia siren
• Barranquijazz


Shopping Tourism: FASHION

Haute couture: great barranquilla’s designers.


It is worth highlighting the particularity that Barranquilla has a very large number of fashion designers, starting with the stitches of Amalín de Hazbún , known as La aguja de oro (the golden needle), with whom the city begins its status as the cradle of design, and thanks to Silvia Tcheraassi, Francesca Miranda, Beatriz Camacho, Judy Hazbun, among others, this title is still preserved .



Fashion Events in Barranquilla


• Platform K
• Barranquilla Fashion Week



Gastronomy Barranquilla


The Barranquilla’s gastronomy is a crossbreeding of the alluvial cultures, of European, Syrian-Lebanese, Asian and North American ancestors that entered it by the river and by the sea, seasoned with the Caribbean touch of the regional ingredients of the region



Gastronomy Events in Barranquilla


• Sabor Barranquilla
• Trade Fair and Business Roundtable of products and services related to cooking and gastronomy.




• More than 120 Hotels
• More than 6.000 Rooms
• More than 12.500 Beds



City of Meetings, Fairs and Convention Center


• The city now has more than 170 salons for small and medium events with a capacity from 10 to 500 people


• Furthermore, Convention Centers with a capacity of 500 to 7.000 people.


Tourist places


• Castillo de Salgar
• Santa Verónica Tourist Parador
• Malecón of Avenida del Rio
• Plaza de la Aduana


Source: Cotelco Capitulo Atlántico.



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